Sunday, October 25, 2015

~ How to prevent Osteoporosis ~

OSTEOPOROSIS is mostly common disease when we reach 50 years old and above or even early than that. How we can prevent this happened?? Actually, as our age increase we need more calcium in our body especially for bone. However, it is not easy to consume foods and beverages that contain a lot of calcium nowadays. There are a lot of limitations such as not all people can drink milk and etc. Person with low amount of calcium in body will have problem with bone fracture in future. In order to overcome some of this limitations, consume supplement is one of the way because we can easily take it. 

OSTEMATRIX from Shaklee is good for prevent OSTEOPOROSIS. It's contain high calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3.


           ~ Relieve back-pain
           ~ Prevent constipation
           ~ Relieve cramps

I actually have some experience while taking this supplement. Last few years I have problem with my leg due to accident. My leg always hurt when it's cold and I also cannot do outdoor activities. When I try to consume this supplement for almost 3 months, I can see some changes to my leg. It's not hurt anymore when it's cold and I also can do some outdoor activities happily. 

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